Friday, 30 December 2011

Good Dental Hygiene

Good and healthy teeth are indicators of a person’s good health. They are a vital part of our face and a definite sign of  attractiveness. Our teeth help us chew our food and digest it easily. There is a huge industry for oral care and cosmetic dentistry which deals with teeth whitening, fixing crooked teeth, broken teeth, replacing chipped and broken teeth, colour  fillings, veneers, crowns etcetera. Following are some explanations of the services offered

Tooth whitening can be done through two techniques, laser teeth whitening and at home teeth whitening. Laser teeth whitening  is done by the cosmetic dentist and the at home teeth whitening is done at home with the help of wearing take home teeth  whitening kits. Many people wear such a kit at night to whiten their teeth.
Dental Implants are artificial roots which are embedded in the jaw and on the top a prosthetic tooth is placed to replace the  one removed. These are used for teeth missing in the mouth and this process is called a restorative solution.

Dental Bonding is applying tooth coloured composites to the teeth, in order to make the teeth look whole. Porcelain veneers are ceramic shells applied to the front of the teeth that aids in covering chips and cracks in the teeth. A  porcelain veneer gives the teeth a far brighter almost unnaturally white in appearance. Dental Crowns are caps that go on over the teeth. These are used to fix up decayed or damaged teeth. The crown is usually  made from a mould of the original tooth to get it to fit in the space and to prevent further decaying of the tooth.

Dental bridges consist of a structure made of two crowns to fill a gap of missing teeth. A prosthetic tooth is also used to  cover the gap along with the bridge. They always go together.The cosmetic dentistry industry is a big boon to many people. A simple thing like fixing teeth improves people’s appearance  and works as a big confidence boosting ability. It makes people feel more confident and assertive about themselves. There are  many dentists in Boca Raton who specialize in these procedures. All one has to do is look up dentists in Boca Raton in the  search engine to see what services are provided and how far or near the closest cosmetic dentistry clinic is located. One can  also type in Boca Raton dental implants or dentist in boca raton or boca raton teeth whitening to see the listings.


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